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Mike Grills represents clients in Auto Accident Injury Claims and Other Injury Claims and Family Law and Divorce matters. Mike also offers Mediation services.

Auto Accident Injury Claims and Other Injury Claims

When you are injured in a motor vehicle collision or other event resulting in bodily injury, you immediately face a number of serious questions at a time when you are extremely vulnerable:

What insurance provides coverage for my damages and losses?

How do I pursue a claim against the at-fault party?

How do my medical costs get paid?

What if the at-fault party was intoxicated when I was injured?

What if the at-fault party had no insurance?

What information do I need to give to insurance companies or others?

Can my case be settled or will I need to be involved in a lawsuit?

Over his career, attorney Mike Grills has answered these questions for injury victims and skillfully handled their cases. Mike has extensive experience with serious injury cases (including wrongful death and traumatic brain injury cases) which have been resolved successfully. Mike gives his injury cases the personal attention they deserve, and is paid a fee only if he recovers money from the at-fault party or their insurer.

Michael represents persons injured in motor vehicle, truck, motorcycle and bicycle collisions caused by the negligence of others. He represents persons injured by drunk drivers. He represents persons injured on the premises (home or business) of others, including injuries caused by dangerous animals. He has resources available to him to assist in developing the evidence essential to a successful outcome for your case.

Contact Michael to discuss your injury case and to get answers to your questions. He is ready and able to help.

Family Law and Divorce

The decision to conclude a marriage is heart wrenching. The consequences of divorce on children cannot be underestimated, and must be handled with care. The financial fallout of a divorce regularly has lifelong implications. While people are often reluctant to hire an attorney for their divorce, they regularly fail to fully understand their rights when making settlement agreements or going to court, and often end up with a bigger mess than they started with.

Families often face other legal challenges. Enforcement of court orders for child support, obtaining parental rights for children, and obtaining or defending civil protection orders are matters which commonly require the involvement of the courts.

Mike Grills has represented parties in divorce and family law matters since 1994. He is a member of the Family Law Section of the Colorado Bar Association, and has successfully litigated family law cases in Colorado district and appellate courts.

The investment in legal representation in a divorce or family law matter can be money well spent, and may be more affordable than you think. Contact Mike to discuss your need for a divorce or family law attorney. He is ready and able to help.

Mediation Services

Mediation has become a popular means to resolve disputes as an alternative to litigation. Mediation allows persons to avoid the courtroom and to craft a resolution of a disputed issue themselves at a significantly lower cost than litigation. Mike Grills has served as a mediator to facilitate dispute resolution for a number of years, and brings the combination of his experience as a family law and civil litigation attorney and his mediation training and experience to the negotiation table.

Please contact Mike to discuss your need for a mediator. He is ready and able to help.

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