Paying For a Lawyer

Affordable Excellence in Legal Representation

As a consumer, it is difficult to know what an attorney may cost or what is a good value for legal services. Because experience and fees vary from one lawyer to another, it is wise to shop for legal representation which best fits both your needs and your budget.

In his injury cases, Michael charges a "contingent fee" or a percentage of what is recovered from the person responsible for the client's injuries. Michael generally charges a contingent fee of 33.33% of the amount recovered from the responsible party or their insurer. If there is no recovery, there is no fee.

In his family law practice, Michael charges an hourly rate ranging from $200.00 per hour and up depending on the nature of the case. He requires a "retainer" (an advance or deposit towards future fees and costs) of at least $2500.00. Colorado law provides that, in some instances, the other party or spouse may be required to pay a share of the attorney fees and costs in a divorce or family law matter. When deciding whether to hire an attorney for your divorce or family law matter, this can be an important factor.



Contact Michael to discuss your case and the fees for his services.

For the convenience of current and future clients, he is able to accept payments by VISA, MASTERCARD, PAYPAL and DISCOVER.