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Auto Accident Injury Claims

If you, a loved one or friend are injured in an auto collision (including collisions involving automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, or bicycles), Attorney Michael Grills can advise you of your rights and help you understand and navigate your legal options.

Other Injury Claims

If you, a loved one or friend are injured as the result of the negligence or misconduct of another person, whether at home or in the community, you may have a claim under the law for those injuries.

Injury claims can include animal attacks, "slip and fall" or premises liability claims, wrongful death, and other events. Attorney Michael Grills will give you a candid and knowledgeable evaluation of your claim and can assist you in recovering payment of damages for your injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What legal issues make up an auto accident injury claim?

The key issues in these cases typically are:

Who is at fault for the occurrence of the accident or collision?

What are the victim’s injuries and damages?

Were the victim’s injuries and damages caused by the collision?

What insurance may be available to pay for the injuries and damages?

How soon should I contact an attorney if I am injured in an auto collision?

You should consider contacting an attorney promptly. Colorado law limits the amount of time an injured person may have to resolve a claim after being injured in an auto collision. Auto collision cases often require investigation and information gathering which can become more difficult if too much time has passed.

Will I need to file a lawsuit to get my injury damages paid for?

Not necessarily. Many injury cases resolve without a lawsuit being filed. There are a number of reasons why a lawsuit may be filed, for example:

A dispute over who caused or is at fault for the motor vehicle collision.

When the at-fault driver’s insurer is not fairly covering your damages.

The at-fault driver’s insurer is not fairly evaluating your damages.

What should I expect to pay an attorney to represent me in an auto accident injury case?

Most injury attorneys, including Michael Grills, charge what is called a "contingent fee" for representation in an auto accident injury case. This means that the fee paid to the attorney is a percentage of the amount recovered from the person responsible for the collision and the resulting injuries and damages (or their insurance company if they were insured). If nothing is recovered, no fee is due.


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