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Michael J. Grills

Auto Accident Injury Claims
& Other Injury Claims

When you are involved in a motor vehicle collision or other event resulting in bodily injury, you immediately face a number of serious questions at a time when you are extremely vulnerable.

Over his career, attorney Mike Grills has answered these questions for injury victims and skillfully handled their cases. Mike has extensive experience with serious injury cases (including wrongful death and traumatic brain injury cases) which have been resolved successfully. Mike gives his injury cases the personal attention they deserve, and is paid a fee only if he recovers money from the at-fault party or their insurer. Contact Mike for a free consultation to evaluate your case.

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Family Law, Divorce
& Mediation Services

The decision to conclude a marriage is heart wrenching. The consequences of divorce on children cannot be underestimated, and must be handled with care. The financial fallout of a divorce regularly has lifelong implications. While people are often reluctant to hire an attorney for their divorce, they regularly fail to fully understand their rights when making settlement agreements or going to court, and often end up with a bigger mess than they started with.

The investment in legal representation in a divorce or family law matter can be money well spent, and may be more affordable than you think. Contact Mike to discuss your need for a divorce or family law attorney. He is ready and able to help.

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Client Testimonials

J., A Former Client

"Michael, who was recommended to me by another attorney, represented me in a motor vehicle accident case, in which I was hit by a car while driving my motorcycle. In addition to typical injuries associated with motorcycle accidents, the defendant was not cooperating with their legal representatives; and that adds a whole different dynamic to a case. So I feel my case was not a typical case, but what I liked best about working with Michael is that he was honest in his assessment of the situation throughout the legal process. In addition, he was stern with the defendant’s legal representatives when appropriate. I’m happy with the outcome of my case and grateful to have met him."

B., A Former Client

"I have had the pleasure of having Michael Grills as my lawyer for a car accident injury case I was involved in. Michael was personable and friendly from the beginning. He went out of his way to provide the best service possible. He was always available for questions and concerns. He offered his advice, but was constantly reminding me that ultimately my thoughts and decisions were the factors in choosing how to approach the case. I would highly recommend Michael Grills."

M., A Former Client

"The very first time I contacted Mr. Grills, his paralegal told me he was on vacation and she would have him contact me soon. Within two hours he returned my call from Hawaii! In talking with him, I realized he was an empathetic and caring gentleman. After meeting with him in person, I was impressed with his knowledge as well as his easy-going personality. He explained things in simple terms that were easy to understand and answered every question I had throughout the entire procedure. I was very happy with Mr. Grills work and the end results, and I would definitely recommend him."

S., A Former Client

"Michael is not only compassionate about his practice but his clients as well. He has a way of making you feel comfortable to discuss every aspect of the case with him. He has an understanding and knowledge of the law that makes him second to none. I am so glad that I was given Michael's number, I am sure that my situation would have ended up differently without him."

K., A Former Client

"I had what most would consider a difficult divorce case due to circumstances and an extremely difficult spouse. Michael Grills was an absolute bull dog in dealing with my case start to finish and he remembered everything I told him. My ex to this day lays down on the floor at the mention of "contacting my lawyer". And to be honest that's what he is, he is YOUR lawyer and will defend you as though you are his family and primary concern. Hopefully my days of needing a lawyer are limited but I sleep well at night knowing he's a phone call away."

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